1. OSP Update

    Hey, followers and friends! Just figured I do an update seeing as we haven’t posted in a while.

    First of all, sorry about the lack of an update, I hope this fixes it.

    We have a meeting with our business adviser on Thursday. Hopefully she’ll be able to clear up what’s happened to our L@T footage. We may have some footage from the camera we had for the Sunday night available because we gave that to Caroline to give to her friend so that we at least have something to work with.
    As for our Friday and Saturday footage, it is currently out of our hands. Literally. We do not have it nor any updates as to the progress that has been made in digitizing it.

    We have another community based project lined up. We’ve been asked to do a documentary on the North Ayrshire’s Yesterd@ys project. They have invited us to join in and take some pictures of our own for the project.
    Here at OSP, we are very lucky to live in a brilliant little town with a few stories of its own and so we’re really excited when we get asked to do stuff like this. We’d like to prove that Ardrossan and the surrounding towns aren’t as boring and dull as some people seem to think. You just have to look deeper than the shopfronts.

    We are always, always writing. Jane alone has like, eighty notebooks and none of us leave the house without one.

    We’ll let you know how we get on after our meeting with Caroline.
    Meanwhile, let me show you some things.

    This here is a link to the Live@Troon 2012 Flickr page. The pictures were taken by many people, both professional and amateur. We were there this year and we’d love to be back next year. You should go too. Maybe you can buy us chips from Fullartons.

    And now, let me direct you to some information about the North Ayrshire’s Yesterd@ys project. Get involved. It’s a really wonderful project. Even if you don’t live anywhere near us, you probably have a project like this in your town. And if you don’t have one, START ONE! You’ll learn so much about your area. The stories you’ll hear about your ‘boring little town’ will blow your mind.
    My gran claims that there were like three brothels in my town.


  2. "served daily"

  3. Kelly and GusGus the monitor lizard
    Jay with a snake whose name i think was Princess
    Jay and Robin, the ten foot Burmese python

    It was legit work, I swear

  4. Our view from the soundbooth just before we filmed The LaFontaines set.

  5. candaceee:



    Party Snails by Soulfun Design Inc.

    These function as party cup identifiers and teabag wire holders. 

    I don’t think some people understand how important it is to me that I have something to anchor my teabag with. That stupid string always ends up falling in somehow!


    aww they’re so cute

    I think we definitely need these.

    (Source: artandcetera, via ameliacakee)

  6. This was a little animation I did called Rabiesboy in: Making Friends. This was pre Orphaned Snail. It’s a very short animation but it’s really meaningful when you consider it from each character’s point of view.


    — Kyle Falconer

  8. We will be posting information about what we were up to last weekend very soon.

    So here is a .gif of a dancing Cyberman to tide you over in the meantime.

  9. Orphaned Snail Productions at Live @ Troon 2012.


  10. tumblrbot asked: WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST HUMAN MEMORY?